Fated Fall

Fated Fall (Shifters of Ragnarok #4)

Steamy wolf shifter romance in the Norse apocalypse, Ragnarok 

Beware the quiet ones, they say.

I should have listened.

Marrok Thorsen isn’t his name. This pack wasn’t supposed to be his home. He has more secrets than the other wolves in our pack know.

But I have the biggest secret of all.

To save his life, I had to turn my back on him. I broke the heart of an alpha, and I’ll never be able to tell him why.

Not if I want him to survive.

But an alpha never lets go, and fate has a sense of humor crueler than a knife. After a single mistake traps us together in the apocalypse, the only wolf I ever loved suddenly becomes my only hope of survival.

He won’t leave me, and I refuse to let him die here. But every moment he’s with me brings him closer to the truth that could destroy everything.

I’ll do anything to make sure he lives, and if it comes down to him or me, there’s no way I’m letting him die.

But whatever happens, I can’t fall for that strong, silent wolf again.

Fated Fall has:

  • wolf shifters
  • Norse gods and the apocalypse, Ragnarok
  • fated mates
  • forced proximity
  • second-chance romance
  • star-crossed lovers
  • touch her and die
  • steamy romance and more!

Book Four of the Shifters of Ragnarok Series!

The Shifters of Ragnarok
#1 – Fated Sight
#2 – Fated Curse
#3 – Fated Hearts
#4 – Fated Fall
#5 – Fated Storm (coming soon!)

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