Fated Curse

Fated Curse (Shifters of Ragnarok #2)

A werewolf barely in control of his beast.

A slayer destined to destroy all she holds dear.

When a cross-country trek through the apocalypse forces these two ancient enemies to work together, will the sparks between them ignite more than they bargained for?

Lindy thought she escaped the werewolf-killing cult that raised her. In the small town of Mariposa, she left behind her years of assassin training and the dark oaths she took as a child, and finally claimed a peaceful life of her own.

But then Ragnarok arrived, and the magical curse she was given by the Order did too.

Savagely bitten by a werewolf as a child, Wes has come to an uneasy truce with his wolf. Life among the pack is one thing, but he refuses to come near a human, much less fall in love with one. So when his wolf decides a certain feisty but secretive brunette is his fated mate, he commits only to staying away from her, for fear of the beast inside him.

But when Lindy mysteriously vanishes, all bets are off. Following the urging of his wolf, Wes sets off to find her, determined to protect her in the zombie-filled wasteland the world has become.

On the run from the cult and against all of Ragnarok, can a werewolf and a slayer find true love, or will the past catch up to them both?

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