Hey there! Have you read some of my other work? In addition to the Awakened Fate series, I’ve also written an exciting, action-packed young adult urban fantasy trilogy called The Children and the Blood. And now is a great time to start the trilogy if you haven’t already, because the first book of the trilogy is on sale!

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The Children and the Blood cover

Ashley’s life is normal — if normal means living on a farm that you never leave. Ashley’s life is happy — as long as she doesn’t think of the Christmas Eve when her mother died. She can’t remember anything of what came before her mother’s death, but still, Ashley’s life is good.

Until one night, everything changes.

Her home burns and her family is murdered. People with superhuman powers hunt her down, killing everyone who stands in their way. She runs for her life, only to make a terrifying discovery.

Those people aren’t the only ones with powers.

And hers just might kill anyone she meets.

Praise for The Children and the Blood

“Refreshing and suspenseful, The Children and the Blood is a YA Urban Fantasy that took me by surprise and impressed me so many times I lost count.” – Raina ‘The LUV’NV’
“The world building was incredible. I swear it was like reading a movie script at times, how those vivid scenes would put on the big screen.” – Moka ‘Words Create Scenes’

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