What I'm Researching: LightningEver wonder what research looks like for an author?

Well, messy. Let’s just start with messy, for me at least. And it involves tons of browser bookmarks. That too.

But it also means learning things that you might otherwise have never known. For this new series I’m working on – the mermaid one – I’ve been digging into all sorts of topics I wouldn’t have anticipated needing to research. It’s crazy what random details can crop up in a story. But as part of that, I thought it might be nice to share a few of the sites and videos I found with you.

This month the big, weird research topic was lightning – specifically what happens when people are struck by it, are near when it strikes, what close-up strikes look/feel like, and other stuff like that. In researching, I came across some cool videos and informative links. Check out just a few of them below.

Information on Lightning Strikes

Videos of Lightning Strikes

So there you have it: a sample of what I’ve been researching this month. I’ll be back next month with a few more things I’ve been looking into — because goodness knows, the weird details that need researching just don’t stop!

In the meantime, though, how about you? What new things have you learned this month?

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