Social distancing, quarantine, schools and towns and even whole countries shut down…

The world right now is a pretty scary place, with COVID-19 on the rise and so many questions still unanswered.

I’m not a doctor but I still want to help, and I was inspired by Bella Roccaforte and her efforts to help others in some small way by making one of her series free for a time. As such, I’ve made the entire Kindling Trilogy—my first series and one that is so dear to my heart—free for the next week.

My hope is that this will help you relax and escape the stress of this situation for a time, without having to worry about spending money on books or leaving home.

You can find this series, along with other books by generous authors who’ve also made their books or series free for a short while, below.

The Kindling Trilogy Box Set normally retails for $7.99. If you do have that money to spare, please consider donating $8 or more to an organization that will be helping to deal with this coronavirus and the potential surrounding disruption in the coming weeks.

Doctors Without Borders
Direct Relief
International Medical Corp

Regardless, please take such good care of yourself. Get good sleep, eat as healthily as you can, drink water, and wash your hands. You matter to me, and you matter to the world, and it is my sincere hope that you and yours come through this well. Stay safe, and happy reading!

With love,
Skye Malone

Entire Series for Free for a Limited Time

The Kindling Trilogy by Skye Malone – Free till March 22nd – Giveaway ENDED. Please see the books on Amazon.

Run. Fight. Or die.
The magic war is coming for you.

Read the captivating YA urban fantasy series with twists and turns, magic and mystery, and prepare to be on the edge of your seat to the very end!

Get it on Amazon

The Deadly Dreams Series by Bella Roccaforte – Free for a Limited Time

Shay Baynes is living her dream, until it turns into a nightmare from Hell itself.

Download Book 1 via BookFunnel   Download Book 2 via BookFunnel   Download Book 3 via BookFunnel   
Download Book 4 via BookFunnel   Download Book 5 via BookFunnel

The Alyx Rayer Trilogy by SJ Pierce – Free through March 19th – Giveaway ENDED. Please see the books on Amazon.

When the girl of your dreams breaks into your house looking like a demon… things get real.

International Bestselling Author SJ Pierce brings a “unique” and “electric” story to the Paranormal Romance genre that’s interlaced with twists, turns, heat, and thrilling suspense.

Download Book 1 via Amazon   Download Book 2 via Amazon   Download Book 3 via Amazon

The Slayer Academy Series by Amelia Shaw – Free till March 17th – Giveaway ENDED. Please see the books on Amazon.

Thrust into a world of powerful magic and deathly danger…
…an ordinary girl must embrace her extraordinary destiny to survive.

The Slayer Academy will turn this nerdy bookworm into a badass Fae Slayer—if she can survive the spells, swords, and sadistic bullies. Megara’s journey into the exciting and perilous world of magic will test her skills and her loyalty. Danger, lies and love await at the Slayer Academy.

Download the Box Set via Amazon

Permafree Starts to Great Series

Shades Below and Shadowlines Books by LJK Oliva – Permafree

There are things that go bump in the night. Are you ready to bump back?

Explore the worlds of Shadowlines and Shades Below! In these thrilling urban fantasy books, it’s magic meets mundane, and when the smoke clears, neither will ever be the same.

Download Shades Below Book 1 via Amazon   Download Shadowlines Book 1 via Amazon   Download Ptolmey’s Tablet via Amazon

Third Daughter by Susan Kaye Quinn – Permafree

One of Library Journal’s Top 10 E-Romances for 2014

Publishers Weekly says, “steampunk fans will appreciate the airships, swordfights, illicit romance, fantastical technology, desperate escapes, last-minute rescues, and breathtaking scenery, all pulled together by a genuine sense of fun.”

Download Third Daughter

Numerous Series Starters by Alisa Woods – Permafree

From dragons to wolves to witches, these series starters by Alisa Woods have something for everyone!

Download All the Series Starters by Alisa Woods