Touch Me 3 by Skye Malone - Demon Paranormal Romance Novella

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Monsters walk among us.

And now they have Ruby.

Best friend. Confidant. Ally when everything in my life felt like hell. There are very few people I trust.

And none of them come close to Ruby.

But now demons have her. House Volgert has taken her, demanding that I serve as their emissary to the equally dangerous and terrifying House Linden. But Linden is after me too.

I’m stuck between two titans of the demon world. I’m running out of options and I’m running out of time. But when I find out what demons do to the humans they capture, the nightmare gets even worse.

If I don’t find Ruby soon, it won’t matter if she escapes the Houses.

I’m still going to lose her forever.

Coming July 27th! Pre-order Now on Amazon!

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**Touch Me is a new adult paranormal romance serial, starting with short installments that increase in length as the series continues. This first episode is 14,000 words (approximately 50 pages) long.**

Touch Me by Skye Malone - Demon Paranormal RomanceDemons are real.

And I’m one of them.

I never expected my life to change on a night out with my best friend. I only thought I was going to celebrate her birthday at a local club, not end up in a hospital after seeing things that couldn’t possibly be real.

Talk about being wrong.

Now I’m seeing things everywhere. I’m overwhelmed by a hunger I can’t shake—a hunger that just might make me kill somebody. I’m losing control and entering a world I never knew existed—one filled with monsters who look just like anyone else.

The night was supposed to be simple. Normal. After all, my life thus far has been unbelievably ordinary.

Now it’s anything but.

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