The Kindling Trilogy

Young Adult Urban Fantasy


Book One of the Kindling Trilogy by Skye Malone

A secret war rages with one girl at its heart.

Ashley’s past is a mystery, her identity kept hidden even from her. She knows nothing of magical wars or invisible monsters. Living on her Montana farm, she believes she’s an ordinary person.

She’s wrong.

In a single night, masked killers come for her, destroying everything she loves. On the run and outnumbered, she’s saved by mysterious allies with dark vendettas of their own. Staying by their side could mean her salvation, but only if she can keep them from learning of the newly awakened power she’s fighting to hold inside.

Because Ashley’s past holds more than she knows, and the truth of her identity could change the war forever.

Previously published as The Children and the Blood (The Children and the Blood #1) with Megan Joel Peterson.


Book Two of the Kindling Trilogy

Cut off from her allies, she must defeat the Blood wizards or die trying.

When a horrific assault on their hideout leaves the Hunters shattered, Ashe has only one choice: find her people and expose the secret sect of the Blood once and for all. There’s only one problem.

She has to convince her people the Blood exist first.

It will be no easy task. Scorn for the Hunters runs deep, and the wizards are fighting a war all their own. Ashe must race against time to stop a conflict that is spiraling dangerously out of control.

But when betrayal destroys all she trusted, Ashe’s mission becomes even more desperate.

Because the Blood aren’t the only ones who want her dead anymore.

Previously published as Taliesin Ascendant (The Children and the Blood #2) with Megan Joel Peterson.


Book Three of the Kindling Trilogy

How far will she go to save the ones she loves?

Ashe and the wizards are on the run. Their hideout is gone, and their people lie dead.

But in the midst of the destruction, there is hope. The historians are out there, and the secrets they hold could end the war.

Now all that’s left is to find them.

But the truth she seeks may be worse than anything she’s faced this far, and when lies begin to spiral around her, Ashe finds herself confronting a threat greater than she could have imagined.

Including a conspiracy that could end her life.

Previously published as Merlin’s Children (The Children and the Blood #3) with Megan Joel Peterson.