Skye Malone's Street TeamHey there! Have you enjoyed my books? Would you like to be part of a great team of readers who share the word about those books?

Join my Street Team!

I’m in the process of setting up this team, and I hope to get everything really underway this Spring with exclusive giveaways for eARCs and other great prizes. I need a list of great people who’ll join in, though!

Being a part of my Skye Malone Street Team is pretty easy. Here’s what you can expect as a part of the team:

Perks of joining the Skye Malone Street Team

  • Swag pack, including bookmarks and exclusive Skye Malone Street Team items
  • Exclusive chances to win eARC copies of my books
  • Access to special ‘Street Team Only’ giveaways
  • Badge for your website, identifying you as a Skye Malone Street Team member

Great ways to participate as a Street Team member

In Person

  • Share with your friends and family about how much you like my books
  • Ask your local bookstore to stock my books
  • Visit your local library and ask them to stock my books too


  • Share posts and links about the books on social media and your blog (tastefully, of course! Nobody likes social media spamming!)
  • Tell your reading groups or online book communities about my books
  • Post honest reviews of my books to Amazon, Goodreads, and other book-related sites
  • Buy my books on their release days! 🙂

If this sounds like a group you’d like to join (and I hope it does!), please head over to my Skye Malone Street Team signup page. I just need a little info so that I can get in touch with you, and then you’ll be on the list as a Street Team member for this Spring!

~ Join the Skye Malone Street Team ~