Goals for the year 2014 pictureHappy 2014!

For 2014, I’ve set myself some goals and I thought I’d share them. This is to let you know what I’ve got coming as much as anything, and I hope you’ll be as interested and excited about this as I am.

So here it goes!

Goals for 2014

  1. Five novels published
    That’s right. Five. Whew! I know for some people, that’s nothing, but we’ll see how it goes for me. These books will be as follows:

    • A paranormal romance series centered around mermaids, which will have a strong action/adventure component, some seriously bad villains, and all sorts of twists and turns. The plan is for this to be a five-book series, with the first release in Summer 2014 and the final installment in early 2015 (so, four books in ’14, and one in ’15). I can’t wait for you to read these!

    • A standalone, paranormal romance novel based on a fairy tale retelling. This one is going to be based – loosely, mind you, but still based – on a Japanese fairy tale. The plan is for this to be released in Summer/Fall 2014, and I’ll be sharing more about it as the months go on.

  2. One Christmas novella published
    This, obviously, is a later thing that you’ll probably see around November of this coming year. I plan for this to be a paranormal romance too.

  3. Additional novellas as possible
    I’m excited to try my hand at novellas outside of the Christmas season as well (although I’m psyched about the ideas I’ve got for a holiday story too). I would love, if possible, to come up with more novella-sized stories. We’ll see how this one goes.

  4. Keep up this blog with posts at least twice a month
    Okay, this one might seem like a no-brainer, but I’ve got quite a bit of writing planned! I want to keep in touch with you all, though, and so my goal is to post at least twice a month with updates, thoughts on writing and publishing, and author/book spotlights. I hope you enjoy it!

Alright, so there you have it: my goals for 2014! Here’s to a great year!

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