Desire Me by Skye Malone - New Adult Paranormal Romance - Teaser Excerpt

Desire Me is coming May 30th…

He looks down at Cait, lightly running his fingertip across her cheek. Her skin is soft beneath his touch, delicate and beautiful. She stirs against him at the small contact, murmuring contentedly and nestling closer to his side.

Pain moves through him, like an ache burrowing deep into his chest that somehow brings joy too. It’s so foreign to him, that feeling. He doesn’t want to name it. Doesn’t want to admit what it means. And that knowledge doesn’t make the pain go away.


He pulls his hand away with effort. Four little letters. One little word that all of his kind view as a joke, and it’s taken him whole. Stolen his heart before he could save himself and claimed him utterly, till he doesn’t want an escape.

If he’s honest with himself, he never did. Not from her.

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Touch Me by Skye MaloneDemons are real.
And now I’m one of them.

I never expected my boring, regular life to change on a night out with my best friend. I only thought I was going to celebrate her birthday at a local club, not end up in a hospital after witnessing supernatural events that couldn’t possibly be real.

Talk about being wrong.

Now I’ve drawn the attention of the most dangerous forces in the demon world. I’m being stalked by a guy who can be in multiple places at once. I’m overwhelmed by a hunger I can’t shake—an impossible hunger that compels me to feed off the sexual energy of others, even if it might make me kill somebody. I am losing control and entering a secret world that exists in the shadows of my own—a world filled with vampires, werewolves, and demons who look just like anyone else.

The night was supposed to be simple. Normal. After all, I thought I was human and my life thus far has been unbelievably ordinary.

Now it’s anything but.

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