Revealing today, the beautiful cover of BECOME, the fifth and final book of the Awakened Fate series! And what’s more…

Become will be released on June 20th!

I’m not doing pre-order this time around, only so that I can get the book to you even faster, but you can add it on Goodreads today. And if you haven’t signed up for my mailing list, now would be a great time. You’ll get an email on release day to remind you that Become is available.

Also, before we get to the cover, I have a big announcement:

There’s going to be a second, spin-off mermaid series!

Become is the final book of the Awakened Fate series, but it’s NOT the end of the story. I won’t say much more about this just yet, but I can tell you that the characters you love are still in the story, along with new people, new creatures, and a romance that I can’t wait for you to read. Like I mentioned above, signing up for my mailing list and staying tuned to those emails is a terrific way to keep tabs on this incredible new series.

And now without further ado, here are the blurb and cover for BECOME!

Become by Skye Malone

After barely surviving another attack on her life, Chloe has only one option left. Magic given to her by the wizard Joseph offers her the chance to save the world from the ancient enemy she faces, but only if she sacrifices her ability to become a mermaid or else leaves the land behind forever. With no control over which side of her heritage she’ll become, Chloe may lose everything, including the two guys who both have claimed her heart.

But when a desperate message arrives, the stakes become even higher. Zeke has been captured. The Sylphaen surround him. And if Chloe tries to save him, Zeke’s brother promises to make certain she dies.

She’s running out of options and she’s running out of time. Zeke’s life hangs on one side of the balance and the fate of the world is on the other. Chloe has to make a choice.

One that will change her life forever.

The epic conclusion to the Awakened Fate series

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