One of the great things about being an indie author is the ability to make changes. If something isn’t working quite right, no problem. Try something different.

Like changing titles, for example.

Of all the books I’ve written, The Children and the Blood, Taliesin Ascendant, and Merlin’s Children are three of my favorites. Between the magic, the action, the suspense, and all the varied and complex characters, there isn’t a moment of this urban fantasy trilogy that I don’t love.

Over the years, though, I’ve gotten mixed feedback on the titles. Some people thought it was a story about vampires (no). Others thought it was a story about the children of God (also no). Amazon slotted me into the Arthurian fiction section for a while (ergh, I love King Arthur but that’s not quite accurate). Turns out the titles weren’t working so well and were a bit of a hard sell.

So I’m changing them.

Today I’d like to introduce you to the Kindling Trilogy! The stories remain the same, so no worries that I’ve done away with anything you love. The titles and the series name are the only things that I’ve changed.

Meet the Kindling Trilogy: Kindling, Ignite, and Wildfire!

As a part of this re-release of the new titles, I’m also pricing the first book of the trilogy, Kindling, at only 99 cents. So if you haven’t started this series yet—and if you love magic, intrigue, and thrills like an action movie—the Kindling Trilogy is the story for you!


Book One of the Kindling Trilogy

Only 99 cents!

Kindling by Skye MaloneNever leave the farm. Never talk about the past. Never bring up the night your mother died or the years you can’t recall.

Remember only that you’re safe.

On her farm in rural Montana, Ashley believes she has a normal life. Sure, her father is gone a lot on business and her childhood is a mystery. But life is good.

Until one night changes everything.

Masked men with inhuman abilities attack her home, burning everything and killing all in their path. A strange boy named Cole comes out of nowhere on a frantic mission to save her life. She’s thrust into a world she never knew existed—a world of dangerous secrets, gun-wielding saviors, and magically adept villains who look just like everyone else.

But the threat doesn’t end there. The people who burned her home are hunting her for a dark and deadly reason, one that goes deep into the past she’s never been able to remember. One that means they will stop at nothing to find her.

One that means Ashley is far more than she appears.

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Previously published as The Children and the Blood (The Children and the Blood #1)


Book Two of the Kindling Trilogy

Ignite by Skye MaloneFind your people. Save us all.

When a horrific assault on their hideout leaves the Hunters shattered, Ashe has only one choice: follow Carter’s orders and embark on a desperate mission to find the Merlin wizards and expose the secret sect of the Blood once and for all. She only has one problem.

She has to convince her people the Blood exist first.

It will be no easy task. Scorn for the Hunters runs deep and the Merlin wizards are fighting a war all their own. No one can be trusted and nothing is what it seems. On her own and with no hope of support, Ashe is in a race against time to stop a conflict that is spiraling dangerously out of control.

But when old prejudice turns deadly, Ashe’s mission becomes more desperate still. Betrayal lurks around every corner. Dark revelations challenge all that she thought she knew.

And suddenly the Blood aren’t the only ones after her anymore.

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Previously published as Taliesin Ascendant (The Children and the Blood #2)


Book Three of the Kindling Trilogy

Wildfire by Skye MaloneWhat would you do to save the ones you love?

After a brutal Taliesin attack, Ashe and the Merlin wizards are on the run. Half the Council lies dead, as do many of the innocents they had sworn to defend. But in the midst of the chaos and destruction, there is still a ray of hope. The Staff of Merlin may be lost, but the historians are still out there.

Now all that’s left is to find them.

But when lies and manipulations twist former allies against her, suddenly nowhere is safe. Ashe finds herself confronted with enemies more deadly than any she’s faced.

Including one who once saved her life.

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Previously published as Merlin’s Children (The Children and the Blood #3)