It can be a nerve-wracking thing, starting a new blog. What will people think? Will they like what I have to say? What if I make a fool of myself for everyone to see?

Or, possibly worse, what if nobody shows up at all? What if I’m just speaking into the void – for the entertainment of absolutely no one?

It can be crazy making.

But it’s also exciting. A chance to talk about the things that matter to you, about things that are happening in your life, or simply about the little things that occur to you as days go by.

So maybe it’s worth it, silence, trepidation and potential foolishness aside.

This is the blog of Skye Malone, author of fantasy and romantic fiction, who will quite possibly release her first title in 2014. On this blog, you’ll find updates on book releases, cover reveals and promotions for other authors, along with the occasional mental rambling. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

And thank you for joining me on this new adventure.