Looking for something to read between the third and fourth books of the Awakened Fate series?

There’s Abide – an Awakened Fate novella that follows Ina, Zeke’s sister, through events in the middle of the series. It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon!

I love Ina’s story. If you want a look into her world, into what’s happening during Return (Awakened Fate #3) from her perspective, you should check out this novella. There’s love, action, intrigue, mermaids – all the good stuff from the series and more. And on top of that, it’s only 99 cents. *grin*

One note, though:

This is a novella from the MIDDLE of the series.

Only read it if you’ve finished Return. Ya know, spoilers… (I’m channeling my inner River Song from Doctor Who here).

So without further ado… check out Abide!

Abide by Skye Malone

Life in her underwater home of Nyciena has always been fun and games to Ina Ociras, until now. Her brothers are missing. Her father is gone. The adventurous party girl is fighting just to keep her family from falling apart, all while avoiding Egan, the guy who committed the one crime she can’t possibly forgive.

But when she receives a message that changes everything, Ina suddenly finds herself embroiled in a conspiracy more horrifying than she could have imagined. One that strikes at the heart of her kingdom, and one that could destroy her family once and for all.

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Releasing November 3rd, 2014